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ZANE EDUCATION ON-DEMAND - say goodbye to buying DVDs!

Zane is pleased to announce the launch of Zane Education, the first website to provide educational video on-demand to support teaching of the K12 curriculum in schools and homeschools.

However the most significant feature of the new on-demand education video library is that all videos are subtitled which means that it also provides a valuable education resource for Special needs students, students with dyslexia and reading difficulties, disabled students and students with learning difficulties, students with sight and visual impairments, and even ESL students. The results of recent research confirming the link between the use of subtitled video and the dramatic improvement in children's reading skills are a feature of the new Zane Education presentation.

All of Zane's 250 Educational software titles have been converted to online video with each title accompanied by it's own interactive online testing facility. The Zane Education website provides online video on-demand using a monthly or annual subscription system which intended to make our titles much more accessible because you no longer need to buy them, and also significantly more affordable than if you were forced to buy a manufactured product with all of the expensive retail packaging.

Education will never be more effective and efficient when you simply make your choice from more than 1,000 online videos that you simply click and play (certainly downloading) and 250 quizzes that teach 11 subjects and 250 curriculum topics for a price of less than 3 textbooks - or as little as 20 cents per month per topic depending on the Membership subscription chosen.

The Zane Education website also provides a vast resource of other educational material which will also eventially also include free K12 Curriculum and Lesson Plans.



ZANE WARNS PIRATES .....as first case goes to court!

After issuing it's first set of legal proceedings, Zane continues to investigate and prepare a list of businesses and corporations that are potentially involved in the illegal reproduction, distribution and/or sale of educational CD-ROM software titles published by Zane Publishing Inc., in recent years.

Zane has spent considerable amounts over a number of years developing a substantial number of educational software titles with a vision of providing children and students with the means to learn at their own speed and thereby reach their greatest potential. So if you see any of the software titles listed on ourĀ Software Titles Page, on sale at any outlet, that contains any or all of the following names:

Zane Publishing Inc.
Zane Interactive Publishing Inc.
Zane Publishing
American Concise Encyclopedia

....printed, listed or marked, upon the packaging of any CD-ROM or DVD software, or printed upon any CD-ROM or DVD, or showing on the screen when using any new CD-ROM or DVD software titles, please let us know by email.

If you are in any doubt as to whether the software titles you have seen for sale are legal and legitimate copies, please contact us immediately, and we will be happy to confirm whether they are illegal copies or not.

To those businesses or corporations involved in such trade, be warned that you are involved in an illegal practice that carries severe penalties. We fully intend to prosecute any and all companies, individuals and businesses involved in the illegal reproduction, distribution and/or sale of our software, and/or the misuse of our registered Trademarks.




Not since early 2000 have Zane Publishing's range of CD_ROM titles been legally available for purchase. However due to the increasing number of enquiries being received especially from homeschooling families, Zane has now launching their entire range of educational software online.

Zane continues to be very supportive of homeschooling and homeschoolers, therefore for further information about our new on-demand educational video service please visit our new website at ZaneEducation.com.




Zane Publishing Inc. has launched legal proceedings against Fogware Publishing in regards to a number of issues involving the replication and distribution of software titles to which Zane claims a number of Copywrite and Trademark Rights. A number of the issues relate to a period after which Licensing Rights that Zane had extended to Fogware had expired, while other issues include attempted concealment of Zane's Copywrite and Trademarks with Fogware's own markings.



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